November 26th, 2011

catching leaves

Six on Saturday...

1. I'm trying the idea annecy_dit shared on her blog about writing for five minutes every day. Like her, I think I can actually do that! I wrote about ten minutes on Thursday; yesterday, I didn't get anything done (see below). But still, I think any day where I'm working, I'll be able to take five minutes out to write a little more.

2. re: #1 -- I've started a new project. This one is another stretch, as I'm writing from a male POV...we'll see how it goes.

3. Thanksgiving was a wonderfully peaceful day. We didn't go anywhere, and we didn't cook at all. DH went on a long bike ride, I worked and wrote, and the kids watched movies.

4. Yesterday, my FIL had recovered enough to have us over. He pinched his sciatic nerve (we think), so he's in a bit of pain. :( But he wanted to see us, so we went over...and DH and I cooked dinner. My FIL had already bought all the supplies, and he had a fairly 'ambitious' meal planned (his words). It was kind of like being in a cooking class. I enjoyed it, but man, it was a ton of work. After three solid hours (with both DH and I working), we finally finished the meal. I was almost too tired to really enjoy it! However, it was delicious (as all my FIL's meals tend to be). Of course, then we got to clean up (which took another 30-45 minutes). Truth is, I'd almost rather just clean than be involved with the cooking. It's okay, but I don't enjoy it like many people do.

5. I'd promised the kiddos we'd set up the tree yesterday, but obviously, that didn't happen. So we're aiming for this afternoon, instead. They're really excited (E even did all her chores already, since they have to do that before I'll get the tree).

6. Monday is going to be my 'black Friday' -- I'm hoping to finish up all the shopping then, and hopefully, there won't be many crowds!

It's hard to believe we're already in the last weekend of November -- enjoy it, my friends!