November 28th, 2011


Learning a new instrument...

I've wanted a guitar for a while now, and a little over a week ago, I got one! It took me about half an hour to learn to tune the thing and play three chords...and that's as far as I've gotten. I did attempt two new chords, but my fingerpads simply don't have the stamina to play very long.

However, I think, if I stick with it, that they'll get stronger and I'll be able to play for longer than 10 minutes without my index finger, especially, being in such pain. I vaguely remember this from my viola days ;)

Tuning is interesting too -- another memory shot. I'm not good (when it's close but not quite there) at telling if it's sharp or flat. But then, after I've turned the tuning peg, it becomes more obvious. Once upon a time (ie, before I got it and tried it), I actually thought I might want to learn some classical guitar. Um, now...not so much. The piano is still so much easier. Still, I like the idea of an instrument which travels easily and can be used with any chord chart.

The guy at the store tried to sell me a very pretty guitar -- for only $400 ;) I told him we'd wait and see if I really loved it. At this point, it's hard to say how I'll feel once I can play for any length of time without shooting pain in my fingertips (ha).

I know karenbschwartz is learning guitar too -- has anyone else picked up a second instrument later in life? How did you keep yourself motivated when it got challenging?
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