November 29th, 2011

e on log


There's something about Tuesdays. They always end up filled with stuff, and often, I don't even have time to blog. Weird.

My 'normal' Tuesday has yoga and volunteering in E's classroom. Every couple of months, I also have a PTA meeting on Tuesday morning. This morning, my FIL needed an MRI. I think he's probably getting better, but when everyone told him that if he was still in pain in a few days he should see someone, that's what he did.

He had to take some strong pain meds because laying flat on his back is very painful right now -- so he needed a driver. It wasn't that challenging for me. I sat and read a book while he was in the machine. Then I took him to the store (he rode one of those motorized carts), and then I took him back to his house. All told, it was about three hours -- and although I missed yoga and E's class, it was not a problem for me to do.

My FIL is very independent, and I think it surprised him that DH and I told him we had this covered. We don't live close (about 30 minutes away -- all highway), and he usually assumes he'll handle everything by himself. My dad is the same way, and I wonder how that will go when they're both 20 years'll be hard for both of them to lose any of that freedom and autonomy.

How about you? Do you have a day of the week that always seems to fill up more than the others?