February 17th, 2012

tulip heart

Friday Four...

1. I had to take my car in for a recall issue this morning, and I ran into an old friend (he was more of my brother's friend, but we were 'friendly'). I hadn't heard anything about him for probably 20 years now, so it was fun to see him again (although, I didn't recognize him at first). Here's a pic (it's a digital pic of a not-so-great pic) of him and our other friend Shelly (I've reconnected with her through FB -- she is the funniest person I've ever known and is capable of making me laugh so hard I cry) -- and yes, that's Jesse Jackson (we all got to hear him speak during a visit to Chicago the summer after I graduated from high school).

2. The kiddos have no school today or Monday, so we're in the midst of a 4-day weekend. That's fine for D, but E...*sigh* She has a much harder time keeping herself occupied, which has never been my problem (even at her age).

3. I can't believe we're already 2/3 the way through February...but I bet the last 1/3 seems longer than the rest ;)

4. Despite the snow from last weekend (which included a snow day -- and looked like the pic below), we've now had many days in a row of sunshine. This morning, while the car was being fixed, I went for a walk in a nearby park and enjoyed the sun and chirping birds (who certainly sound convinced that spring is almost here).

Enjoy your President's Day weekend!