September 4th, 2012

catching leaves

The pix...

(Mt. Bierstadt is the peak on the right there -- DH and I have hiked that before)

(There might have been a few people up there...)

(D at Summit Lake, which is the lake just below Mt. Evans)

(You can barely see Denver off in the distance here)

(Here's a pic of Summit Lake -- it was so serene!)

(Echo Lake, which is down before you pay to go up to Mt. Evans -- and you can see Mt. Evans rising above it)

(The leaves were just starting to turn...)

(The area around Summit Lake is covered with tiny ponds surrounded by tundra -- it was gorgeous!)

(This is looking down to Summit Lake from the top of Mt. Evans)

(And here's Echo Lake from the road winding up to Summit Lake and Mt. Evans)