September 7th, 2012

aspen leaves

Five on Friday...

Today's about silver linings:

1. The migraine has prompted me to finally return to my acupuncturist, something I probably should have done months ago.

2. FIL discovered that his heart is incredibly healthy for a man his age (almost 70), which has given him serious peace of mind.

3. D's school year has been challenging so far, but I'm working with his teacher for a positive (very positive) solution to his math issues (he's two years ahead, and they haven't had resources for that) -- a solution which won't involve any additional pressure on D but which will allow him to work at his own pace. :)

4. The numbers are going up in my class rosters, and so far, it's been a good semester.

5. Although we can't camp, we're pleased to see the temperatures moving down to fall levels again -- which should also mean golden leaves soon! :D

Happy Fall Friday!