September 20th, 2012

d running


This is me today. Thursdays tend to be my 'day off' from paying work -- but that means it's also my 'catch-up' day for everything else. I spent the past 3 1/2 hours catching up with school stuff.

1. It's been quite a year for D's class. They have a teacher who is new to our school but not to teaching. However, his expectations seem to be rather high, and last week, he gave a math test which 2/3 of the class failed (as in 'Ds' and 'Fs'). Then, according to the students, he's been berating them for not paying attention enough...and needless to say, the parents are having issues with this. ;) (D was the only student to get a perfect score -- but he's not a good indicator of the level to which a teacher should teach, especially not in math, which is D's 'thing'). On top of this, the class has had tons of homework -- to the point that we've intervened with D and used a timer (so whatever he doesn't finished gets returned to school undone). D just completed the first month of school, and he's already hating homework and feeling the parents are working on ways to help the kids and even the teacher find a better path for the entire class.

2. I'm the volunteer coordinator now (new position), and I've spent the past few weeks organizing, keeping track of, and training parent volunteers. I should be mostly done now, as we had our final training yesterday...

3. I'm also doing the school directory (yes, I need to learn to say NO). That has been much easier than last year (which was a bear) -- but just this week, we got class-size relief, which means a bunch of kids are switching classes. So now I'm waiting for the updated information and having to redo some things. It's always something, no? :)

What's been keeping you running lately? (and if nothing, can I trade places with you for a while? hehe...)