September 25th, 2012

deer faces

The ups and downs (with a Tolle spin)...

"It is what it is" -- that's one of the prevailing ideas in Tolle's philosophy. He suggests that we understand that worrying and fussing won't change anything (and only adds to our emotional load).

I'm reminded of that today in a few areas: DH's work (which is crazy busy and frustrating -- but it is what it is); D's homework load (which was much better last week, but yesterday swung back to the overload -- but it is what it is [and I have to stick to my guns about *our* homework policy]); both D's and E's sleep issues (which seem to be worsening, and I don't know how to help -- they're struggling to sleep through the night, waking up numerous times, and unable to get back to sleep right away -- it is what it is...though I admit this one stumps me the most -- I want there to be something I can do!).

So yeah...the ups are that my own, personal things are going fine. It is what it is...

...and this too shall pass (another underlying Tolle idea). Deep breaths today -- no worries, yes?

yellow sunflower