October 1st, 2012

ellie bike

Weekend Roundup...

...D ended up staying up till 1 am Friday night -- ack! Still, he was able to complete his big project for school on Saturday (though it took him ~6 hours).

...E spent the weekend cleaning her room, and it's still not done. It's funny to see certain of my own traits coming out in her. She's not just cleaning, she's organizing, and it reminds me a lot of myself ;)

...I got to go to the symphony yesterday. I don't get that chance often, but my FIL has season tickets and could get free tix to various performances. I chose yesterday's, as it featured one of my favorite piano concertos: Brahms' Second. What a gorgeous piece, and the pianist was Andre Watts -- it was phenomenal! I've not seen Watts before, but he's a riot -- I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing aloud when he hummed as he played, even during the quiet sections. Plus, he stomped his non-pedal foot, and you could see the music just flowing through him. It was awesome :D

...D and DH were delighted because the Broncos won ;) And D got to sleep on time (I think that's a first for a Sunday night) -- however, he did sleep walk. He burst out of his room and ran to the railing upstairs (which overlooks our living room). DH and I were watching TV, and D stood there, panting. Then he said he had a nightmare, so DH told him to come on down. D cuddled with DH for a few minutes and told us about his dream (though it wasn't super coherent), and then he came and gave me a hug (and almost fell asleep, even though he was standing up). I convinced DH to carry him upstairs (no small feat, as D weighs 70+ lbs) again. This morning, D only remember the carrying upstairs portion of the fun -- but I wasn't surprised. I told DH I was pretty sure he was sleep walking...

Hope you're set for October -- happy Day One! :)