October 4th, 2012

d field day

Thankful for...

...a very enjoyable hike yesterday with a new friend. She's another parent at school, and although we've been friendly for a while (her daughter and E were in the same class last year -- and were very good friends), we've not done anything outside brief school chats.

Yesterday, however, we went for a nice hike. The weather was perfect (no surprise when this morning it's in the mid-30s -- we always get beautiful weather right before a cold front moves through), and the leaves were brilliant.


looking up


We hiked for about two hours and then got a bite to eat. Even though it put me way behind for work, it was worth it :) I was so tired last night (a combination of working after dinner, not nearly enough sleep the night before, and the long-ish hike) that I was asleep before eleven -- a school-night rarity for me.

Today, of course, being Thursday means that I can relax a bit and catch up on things. So I'm thankful for that, as well. I'll be in E's class this afternoon, and I have conferences with both teachers after school...

(And no, I didn't watch the debate last night -- I did, however, read through the 'fact check' this morning, which was probably the most important aspect, anyway, no?)

Happy Thursday! :)
d running


So I'd heard the rumor that one of the parents from my kiddos' elementary school was in The Amazing Race this fall, but when I saw the show, I figured the rumor was wrong (as the only CO team was from Crested Butte, and there's now way that guy is old enough to have a 6th grader).

Well, just got the confirmation -- the parent is Mark (aka Abba, which I can tell you comes from his last name) of the long-haired guys (yeah, I know, rotten branding on my part)! Not only is it surprising (I've never seen that guy at our school), but I'm pretty sure he's either a musician or an agent (isn't that how the two met?)...and even though we have The Fray as our CO success story, their musical history seems to be in another league. ;)

So anyway, now we know...(because I'm sure you were all breathless with the need to find out)
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