November 2nd, 2012

e looking into distance

Four on Friday...

1. It was so hard to crawl out of bed this morning -- I'm glad this is the last day we'll have to get up in the dark. I don't know how the rest of the world does it (you know, those who actually have to leave their houses for work)!

2. There is a boy in E's class who is one of the more unusual kids I've met. He doesn't *do* anything -- he just sits there, a vacant look on his face, while the world goes on around him. Apparently he's incredibly bright, but he doesn't engage. I saw him take part in field day (in a very typical, 9-year old way), so I don't think there's any spectrum stuff going on (not that I'm an expert, by any means). Other than that, he just sits there. His teacher told me yesterday that she was hoping a small group would make a difference -- but it didn't. In our group, he just sat there. Didn't say more than a couple words, didn't write much down, didn't engage at all. The others were loving the challenging math problems, but he didn't even seem to notice. And when I pushed him a little to join in, he simply copied the work of the boy next to him. It makes me glad (yet again) that I'm no longer a classroom teacher ;)

3. So D and two of his classmates have started pre-Algebra this week. They all love it, and I'm excited to be working with them. However, the only girl involved (who also happens to be one of the remaining two younger kids -- they were bumped up in Kindergarten, effectively skipping first grade altogether) took her pre-assessment home...and somehow managed to start getting them all correct! *rolls eyes* I'm not sure what she thinks that will accomplish, to be honest. WE'll have quizzes and tests where she'll have to do the work at school (right in front of me or their teacher), so how does she think she'll get away with all the stuff she supposedly knew (but really doesn't)? She's the problem student in the class, though (to the point that the sixth grade GT teacher already knows all about her -- and her mom); and it's her mom who had D's teacher wanting to quit, I think, for the first couple of weeks. I guess I don't understand why any parent who was that overly involved wouldn't just homeschool. She's very much a control freak (and no, I'm in no way implying that parents who homeschool are control freaks -- this only applies to her :D), especially about her daughter, and if I was in D's teacher's position, I'd be asking her to either rein it in or to pull her kid out and do it herself. Yeesh.

4. E is doing a science fair project with D's best friend's younger brother -- their choice. So tomorrow, E and D will get to go over to their house. I'm good friends with the mom, and we're liking the friendship between E and little M, but it still strikes us as a little strange that they decided to do this project together ;)

4 1/2. November is crazy month at school (well, the first two and a half weeks are) -- E has Day in Denver (a day long field trip which involves all parents), D has the Veteran's Day concert (which is NOT actually on Veteran's Day -- good thing, since E's field trip is), DH's cousin is getting married next weekend, the Scholastic Book Fair is coming (yay) and will be here the entire week before Thanksgiving week, and the science fair is in the midst of that week, as well. I have a feeling I'm going to collapse on the evening of the 16th...of course, E's birthday is the day before Thanksgiving, so I won't be done yet -- and yes, I'm also hoping to do NaNo in the midst of this.

Wow, now I'm tired (ha). Happy first Friday in November! How does your month look?