November 13th, 2012

d field day

Tuesday Thoughts...

...Interesting week so far: E's field trip (80+ kids) got cancelled midway through (meaning all the parents and kids were called back from their various positions around downtown) because the SWAT team shut down the downtown pedestrian mall to find an armed felon. The kids were very disappointed, even though they got pizza and popsicles back at school. They've rescheduled for the week before Christmas (so yeah, it'll probably be really cold, just like it was for D's Day in Denver, sigh).

...Today, which was going to be a monster day, shifted this morning when D was sent home with a fever. He never gets sick, so we should have known something was up when he complained of being unusually tired this morning -- but I never even think of taking their temps (because they rarely get sick). Anyway, now I have an extra 90 minutes to get things done (what a relief!), but I'm hoping he can sleep off his discomfort. (This also frees up our evening, since he had b-ball practice too.) I'll still be spending a few hours this afternoon at the book fair, however (but, yanno, that's fun time, no?).

...D's teacher had the class start a new book this week -- and apparently a couple of the parents (who have NOT read the book but have read the description on Amazon) are raising a stink about its appropriateness for this age group. I have read the book, and although it's a little edgy (it's science fiction and has very typical science fiction-type topics), I don't mind D reading it at all. But then, I'm pretty flexible about the books they read. I obviously won't let them read erotica, general adult books, or even romance (like they'd even want to, at this age), but I will tell them what's in a middle grade or young adult book and let them decide for themselves, for the most part. D has talked about reading The Hunger Games, but although many of his classmates have read that (on their own time), D has so far decided he's not interested in the violence there. But this book (The Compound, by Steph Bodeen) is pretty vague in its dealings with the edgier concepts, and to me, it's more about kids realizing that maybe their parents don't always know everything, after all. I think it's good for kids to think about those kinds of things -- but I know there are some pretty protective parents in that class who really want their kids to remain innocent to some of that stuff for a while longer...which I think might be wishful thinking, but who knows? Anyway, I feel for D's teacher, who is once again at the forefront of parental drama. I hope he doesn't quit!

...I'm unusually tired too, but I don't think I'm coming down with anything. However, I did have a headache last night (that was fever-like) and kept vacillating between chills and being completely too hot. I feel better this morning (although still very sleepy), and yoga was wonderful. After walking around part of the day yesterday (on cement the whole time), my left hip was throbbing again too (sigh). I'm hoping that's going to actually clear up one of these days...

Hope you all are healthy and accomplished today! :)