November 26th, 2012


Weekend Roundup...

...Although I didn't get nearly as much sleep as I'd hoped, I still feel so much better than I did before Thanksgiving week -- so I'll take it ;) Last night was weird, though. D slept fine, but the rest of us had issues. I ended up on the couch downstairs (I almost felt claustrophobic in my bed, which is very strange for me), and I guess E came in and took my spot around 1 am after a bad nightmare. Needless to say, neither she nor DH slept well. I managed to get some rest, but I woke up often (the couch is NOT comfortable).

...Today, it's misty and damp -- I like atmospheric days like this :) I wish we'd have more of them, actually, especially as parts of CO are still experiencing extreme dryness (there's still a fire burning in RMNP, for instance).

...D has two games and up to two practices this week -- plus extra choir rehearsals for his concert next week. I feel like things are jumping right back into full speed ahead!

...I finished one book and started another. The second is one I wasn't sure about, but it's awfully compelling so far. The first I thought I'd love -- and I did for a couple hundred pages -- but then it started feeling like it was *never* going to end.

...I'm very close to the end of my NaNo novel. I have no idea if I'll reach the 50K (as my first drafts are rarely more than 40-45K), but if I can simply finish, I'll be a happy camper :) I'm at 36K right now...

Hope it's a good Cyber Monday for you all :)