November 27th, 2012


One of those days...

So, it all started around 2:15 am when DH dropped a book on the floor (very loudly), which woke me up. Then, he was reading said book with a headlamp, and every time he turned his head for the next page, the light hit my face. Not overly conducive for sleeping (especially if you're me). I didn't get back to sleep until ~5 am, and the alarm went off at 7.

Then, I got everything together for our usual smoothie breakfast -- and the blender broke, spraying smoothie all over me and the kitchen. Fun times.

I managed to get the kitchen cleaned up, and then I had to take a nap (since I wasn't sure I should be operating machinery, like a car). It took a while, but I finally dropped off and ended up sleeping for about 2 1/2 hours -- which is good. (I'm certainly glad I have the freedom to do that!) Sadly, that meant I missed yoga...*sigh*.

I originally tried to sleep in the extra bedroom (since DH was still asleep in ours), and there I discovered yet another pile of cat throw-up (he ate something that really disagreed with him the other day, and he barfed probably six or seven times, all over the house). When I got up from my nap, I tried to clean the mess up there...with marginal results (I used baking soda and vinegar, but maybe I didn't let it soak long enough, because there's still a slight stain).

Then I went in to help D and his classmate with their math -- only to have a problem with the website (and scheduling a quiz). Oi! Definitely one of those days...

D has his first b-ball game tonight, and I'm hoping his day is going better :)

I hope all your Tuesdays are going better, as well! :)