December 4th, 2012


Emotional symbolism...

There's something about ending one year and starting another. Logically speaking, it really shouldn't be that different in day-to-day living. Nothing actually changes to signify a new year (other than having to sign a different date -- but that happens every day and every new month too). Still, I always get a very strong feeling of closure and moving on as we switch from one year to the next.

Some of that might be due to synesthesia. However, I'm guessing that most people have some kind of sense of it, even without that. For me, it's like getting to the end of a long trail. My trail always ends with an uphill (of course) to a summit -- and starting in January, the new year, I'm going downhill from that summit.

This month often feels tired and weary. Of course, this time of year is crowded with events and happenings (and people), and in my mind, the new year is clear, bright, and empty (in a good way). For me, it's an opportunity to find closure in things which might be uncertain or challenging and to move on.

How about you? Do you *feel* the new year and the end of the old?