December 10th, 2012


Weekend Roundup...

...We went to dinner Friday night with my MIL and her boyfriend -- at a restaurant of her choice (it's her b-day weekend, after all). It's called Linger, and it was very atmospheric...and the food is all organic, which was interesting. The portions are miniature (and expensive), and they had GF options for almost everything. I ended up with this Indian dish -- which was tasty -- but it didn't agree with me (my stomach was *killing* me later that night). *sigh*

...I ended up sleeping in the guest room (or attempting to sleep, I should say), and it was not a restful night. I had a mild migraine, which didn't help, but it was mostly my stomach that bothered me. But, every bad night will end, and this one did too ;) SIL and family appeared after I'd taken a nice, hot shower (and felt human again) -- and I got to have a nice chat with her. The rest of the family (two uncles, an aunt, and gramma) all arrived a little after noon, and then everyone stood around and talked and ate (sushi, which my MIL made).

...after the food came the poker. D played too, but E hung out in her room, and I worked. I think my MIL had a nice time (which was the point, no?), and it wasn't too bad for me, because I was elsewhere for much of the day. My head didn't really stop aching until much later (though it helped when everyone cleared out before dinner). DH even left (went to a Christmas party), so it was only me and the kiddos (my MIL and her boyfriend went to a movie). It was soooo peaceful :)

...yesterday was also peaceful. It ended up being a very nice weekend -- though, when I asked DH if he'd like to do his mom's b-day every year, he wasn't so sure. (hehe) He's not as social as he wants people to believe, and when *he's* the one who has to deal with everything (which is our rule when it comes to his mom), I think he realizes how much work is involved. But yeah, it was fun for me ;)

(Btw, winter has hit, though we don't have much snow -- but the icy wind is killing me!)

Happy Monday!

P.S. I looked up all my five-star reads for the year (in anticipation of the Top Ten Books of 2012) and discovered I've only had 11 five-star I'll begin on the 13th or 14th and do all eleven in reverse order of book love. :)