January 2nd, 2013

me blurry

Middling about resolutions...

I generally don't make resolutions. Anymore, that is. When I was younger (in my 20s), I would often take the time to sit down and write out my goals and hopes for the new year. But then, by the time I got married (which didn't happen until I was 31 -- and years after I'd hoped for that), I realized that for me writing things like that down made me focus too much on what should be happening (in my opinion) rather than what was happening.

These days, I definitely still have dreams. There are things I'd love to see happen in my life -- such as getting an agent and having a publisher buy my book(s). Of course, those can't be resolutions, per se, since I have no control over either of those (beyond writing a book, that is). But they are dreams, and if either (or both) of those occurred this year, I'd be thrilled. :)

Beyond that, I'm pretty laid back, I think. If I had to choose a word for this year, it would be 'now,' a reminder that Now is all that matters and all that I should be thinking about. So I guess you could say my resolution for 2013 is to make each Now the best it can be -- and let the previous Now go as soon as it's over. :)

How about you? Do you enjoy resolutions? Do they help you focus and drive toward the goal?

Happy 2013, all :)