January 7th, 2013

ellie bike

Weekend Roundup...

...the kiddos and I had fun hanging out with their Auntie L on Friday night. We watched Tangled (my first time to see it) -- and I must say, that's a good princess movie. ;) Friday during the day, we went for a long walk (and I tried out my new shoes -- cross-trainers), went to the library (yay), and went to B&N (the kiddos each had a gift card to spend).

...the kiddos did their cleaning on Saturday while I did...um, not much ;)

...yesterday, I did my cleaning (sigh), and then I'd hoped to go to Stephanie Blake's book launch -- but the migraine (which appeared Saturday night) kept me home. DH did drag me along to get a new phone (we're back on the same plan, so I had to be there), which was painful. At least I didn't have to drive (which was why I couldn't go to the launch -- plus, it was 30 minutes away).

...with my new phone, I can text (yay). Sadly, it didn't help the migraine -- which hasn't been horrible, by any means, but is definitely just annoying enough to keep me off-kilter. I didn't get a ton of sleep last night, either, but I think it's on the way out (yay).

...today, my good friend and her daughter are spending the afternoon here, so that should be fun.

On a side note: my MIL wants me to throw DH a surprise b-day party. She called yesterday, and she wanted me to do it on Saturday -- ack! I pretty much told her 'no way' for Saturday, but I think she's considering the following weekend. I'll be honest, this is almost the last thing I'd like to do...but I'd be willing to do it for DH (if I thought he'd really enjoy it -- at this point, I'm torn). I might be super busy in the next couple of weeks if she insists. :/

Happy Monday -- can you believe we're a solid week into 2013?? How's it going for you so far?