January 14th, 2013


Weekend Roundup...

...a very cold weekend (although it didn't really look like the pic above -- we've had blue-ish skies and sunshine, but right now, for instance, it's 3 degrees. My toes are numb. :(

...as everyone knows by now, the Broncos lost in a loooong and drawn-out fight...though, it really looked half-hearted on the Broncos part. Pffft. They deserved to lose, unfortunately, and D and DH (and probably most of the city) are impatiently looking to next year already.

...despite the outcome of the game, we enjoyed our time with D's bff and family (where we watched the game while DH froze at the stadium).

...D and his bff had their b-ball game Friday night -- they won. D played quite well, and I enjoyed my new camera. It's definitely comparable to the DSLR I got to play with before Christmas. I'm a happy camper!
(Now I just need to learn more about sports photography -- I want to cut out the blurring altogether, if possible.)

...we had our monthly brunch at my parents' yesterday and 'celebrated' both DH's and my brother's bdays (my brother's was Friday and DH's is tomorrow). Then we came home and vegged (well, I worked for a while and then vegged) -- it was a good day to curl up with some blankets and read, which is what I did. :)

...tonight, D has another bball game -- but mostly we'll be trying to keep warm!

Happy Monday :)