January 15th, 2013

pine snow

As we grow...

It's DH's b-day today -- he's 45 (halfway to 90, he said this morning -- and when the kiddos asked how it felt to be 45? "My back hurt when I got out of bed, my knees ached when I came down the stairs -- it's a kick in the ass!"). Of course, he's getting ready to head to the gym for his spin class...so I'm thinking he's doing well.

One of my friends commented this weekend that she couldn't believe DH and I ever got together originally. On paper, we are extremely different people -- he likes heavy metal (and thrash -- gag), and I like classical and some pop; he swears like a sailor (or a guy raised in the '80s), and I say things like, "Good heavens"; he's an adrenaline junkie (though somewhat tempered after three knee surgeries), and I'm uber-cautious (I was the one leaning into the raft on the rapids, not the one stretching ahead with my paddle); he tried all kind of recreational drugs and alcohol, and I've never even been buzzed (nor had more than a sip of beer, though I like margaritas and some blush wines); he's Mr. Sports (mostly basketball, tennis, hockey, and football), and I couldn't care less -- BUT we both enjoy family. We both find nature and being outdoors to be restorative and energizing. We both like to be with each other (from there, he likes to be with friends and I prefer to be alone, but still...). We both work from our home office, and spending hours a day together doesn't phase us. We both like to read (though I spend many more hours reading than he does).

In honor of his special day today, ha, here are some 'Chris in nature' pix that I've taken the past couple of years:
rocky beach c3

Well, that must be the right amount, as LJ won't let me upload any others ;)

Happy Tuesday! (How do you and your spouse/partner fit together, just out of curiosity? If you're single, what do you want in another person?)