February 1st, 2013

tulip heart

Four on Friday...

1. I took a long walk this morning after dropping the kiddos off at the bus stop. And I've already gone through two papers (six to go -- ack).

2. I'm excited to spend a few hours with my BFF this afternoon -- it'll give me some impetus to keep going on those papers!

3. I worked with 3rd graders and 5th graders on math yesterday, and I will admit, I much prefer teaching one on one than even small groups (though the 3rd grade group was of 8 -- not that small). It's too hard to tell if I'm reaching everyone...and I'm reminded again that I don't really miss being a classroom teacher!

4. We ate out last night (which was nice -- no cooking from me), and DH and I shared a HUGE margarita...which tasted wonderful at the time, but it gave me a headache (blech) which kept me awake. *sigh* Still, I'd probably do it again ;)

Happy first day and weekend of February! Any fun plans for the weekend?