February 7th, 2013

pine snow

Ups and downs...

Tuesday was a rough one. D had one of his melt-downs, and it was worse than usual. But he also had b-ball practice that night, and the exercise and focus of the game helped him pull out of it -- though it was challenging to get him there. He's rarely openly defiant, but he was on Tuesday.

Yesterday, temperatures slowly dropped until it snowed last night. None of us were surprised, including D. We've all learned that those types of 'episodes' from him mean the barometric pressure is changing, and an actual storm is on its way. The funny thing is that none of the weathermen had predicted anything (on Tuesday, that is). They were saying sunny skies and warm temps until the weekend (when we're getting a large cold front).

We knew better, though. For better or worse, D's demons predict the storms with surprising accuracy. This morning, we have a dusting of snow, and it just now hit freezing.

The ups? Well, D was over it after his practice, and last night, for their game, they played the only team who's beat them this year -- and yes, D's team crushed them. I think it felt good to all of them to show they could do it. :) And this time, because the weekend storm is predicted, D and we will be better prepared for the moods which will most likely make an appearance tomorrow!

Happy Thursday :)