March 4th, 2013

pine snow

Weekend Roundup and memories...

...E and I went to an art show reception Friday night. My mom's artwork was one of those displayed, and although she didn't win a prize, it was pretty cool to see her painting hanging next to others with similar quality (it's her first time being displayed in a state show -- the paintings had to be juried in, so it's an honor 'just to get in,' as they say).

...we managed to clean house on Saturday, and then one of D's classmate had a tennis party and invited sibs, so the kiddos ran and played and hit balls, and I chatted with the other moms.

...yesterday, in an early spring (for one day), it was 60+ degrees, and we went on a family bike ride.

...before that, we had brunch with my parents and brother (and his kiddos). It was a nice morning, and D was happy because we played Rummikub after breakfast.

...then DH took the kiddos to dinner (they do that a couple times a month -- they'll go someplace I can't eat, like a pizza place), and I had some peace and quiet -- yay!

...of course, I watched TAR, and I've fallen in love with New Zealand. *sigh* I'd love to visit there -- but it wouldn't be any good doing TAR there, because I wouldn't be able to stop and take pictures! (Plus, I don't think I'd like the whole molasses and chicken-feather thing).

As for memory, one of the women at the b-day party (she's not a mom in D's class) was talking about the mistaken 'small world' concept, and arguing that people move in certain circles where they're more likely to have similar experiences, etc. Then right after that, she and another mom discovered they both have strong ties to Florence, Italy -- and she and I discovered we went to the same church during elementary school. And I can't remember her -- at all. Granted, she was in my brother's class, not mine (and he does remember her), but still. That led us to another discussion, as she switched to the sister church, where the pastor had a son my age.

He and I were casual friends (we only saw each other a couple times a year, tops) -- but it reminded me (yes, this is long and drawn out) where I last saw him. When I was a junior in high school, I was chosen as the physics' student of the year (okay, actually I was the runner up, but the girl who won it had the flu when this story takes place). My physics teacher and I went to a special district party for all the top students throughout the district (it was held, interestingly enough, right near where we currently live -- which isn't that close to where I used to live, btw).

The party itself has pretty much vanished from my mind, except for this boy. I already knew him, of course. But although we were usually polite and could make chit-chat, we didn't spend hours talking or anything. However, on this night, another boy decided he liked me -- and he kind of stalked me. He insisted on standing very close to me, he kept nagging me for my phone number, and he was generally a little overwhelming. So Scott, the PK, totally stepped up. He began acting like our 'relationship' was much closer than it was; he stood next to me, he touched my arm and back a lot, and he basically cut the other guy out of the scene. By the end of the night, Scott was calmly playing the hero while the other guy was relegated to the background. :)

(Another thing which made this evening stand out: when we left -- my teacher had driven us there -- we discovered that my teacher's car was dead, dead, dead. So I called my dad, who's a car whisperer, and he came. It took him about five seconds -- not an exaggeration -- to fix my teacher's car, and my teacher was mortified. It was actually pretty funny, but my dad was very nice about it. I remember my teacher mentioning it in class on Monday, however...interesting, no?)

Happy Monday -- any interesting memories from your past?