March 13th, 2013

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Middling on bullying...

Our school, like many (maybe most?) schools, has bullying issues. We're fortunate, I think, because the issues aren't that bad -- most of the time. But lately, there have been some increasingly difficult boys (and girls) in the 5th grade, D's grade. It's gotten bad enough that our principal has sent out a letter asking 5th grade parents to volunteer their time to supervise recess and lunch for this group of kiddos.

I wish the district had a way to *insist* parents get involved. I wish we could tell the parents of the kids who were consistently a part of this bullying mess that they *have* to come in -- in fact, if I were the queen (ha), I would tell them that their kiddos would have to skip recess unless the parents were willing to come and supervise. Of course, other parents would also have to be present, because a big part of the problem is the parents, themselves.

For example, one of the moms refused to allow her daughter to be disciplined (by the school) for a recent incident because 'her daughter wouldn't do that.' Sadly, her daughter not only would did that, but she was probably the instigator. I've personally witnessed her daughter 'doing that' numerous times -- and her daughter has some serious issues. Many (maybe all?) of those issues stem from the fact that her parents don't see her for who she really is. Therefore, when they claim to love and support her, they're not really doing so -- they're loving and supporting a fantasy. And the girl is bright enough to know that, at least on some level. I could see this girl's behavior getting worse and worse as she desperately tries to get her parents to see her real self...*sigh*.

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One day at a time, I know. :) How about you? Were you bullied? Do you know kids who deal with it today? Did you ever find yourself in the position of bully?