April 12th, 2013


Four on Friday...

1. Well, my activities for this weekend may not be my first choice (we're heading up to the mountains with our neighbors), but I'm working to make it the best it can be. :) And the kiddos are very excited, of course (especially E).

2. My list for today is so long that I can't even consider it -- instead, I'm just aiming for one tiny thing at a time. (So, blogging -- check!)

3. Our district has this cool thing (which I think is a national thing) called Young Ameritown. Students do it in 5th grade, and it's basically a small town with the students filling all the community roles. First, they have to fill out a job application (everyone works). Then they had interviews (I was one of the interviewers). The interviews were more for them than for the actual jobs -- the teachers chose where they would go based on both their personalities and their abilities. (Most of the students I interviewed wanted to be the DJ -- none of them got it.) Yesterday, we did the training. I worked with another mom from D's class, and we trained the accountants. I was amazed at not only what was expected from these kiddos but also at how well they did! Interestingly (and a total coincidence), the majority of the kiddos I interviewed ended up as accountants. About half of them were from D's class, but even more interestingly, 8 of the 10 guys on D's bball team were either accountants or business managers (the two most responsible jobs). We had about 40 kiddos in one classroom, and since we shared the room with the business managers, it was rather loud at times. But the accountants did so well -- they filled out some salary checks, they kept up with their projected income sheets, they filled in their expense records. It was pretty details, but not one of them failed to do it (though two kiddos really struggled -- it truly was a lot of details). D will be an accountant, but unlike most of the others, it was his first choice (hehe). He mostly wanted to work in the snack shop (as the accountant), and because there will be a fair amount of money changing hands there, it's one of the two most challenging accounting positions. They go to YA on Tuesday, and the kids are really excited. This grade, as a whole, has struggled this year, so it's really neat to see their enthusiasm and willingness to do well. I wasn't planning on going, but now, if I have time, I think I'll run over and take a look, just to see them all. :)

4. I also joined the PTA Board yesterday for a meeting. As always, we're having issues with parent/teacher relationships. It's not only D's teacher (thankfully) -- the inconsistencies in the grading system are causing a good portion of the problems. And that's not the teachers' faults. So the PTA President asked me to come up with some ideas on how to fix it. We ended up discussing it for almost 45 minutes before everyone realized it was a much bigger problem than we could solve right then. Plus, our principal couldn't make the meeting...so I drafted up a letter to the parents about working with teachers and treating them with respect. We'll see how it goes, but our principal and the instructional coach (who is a nice person but who seems very ineffective) have their work cut out for them. It's going to take some serious management on their parts to get something into place throughout the building, and it's (unfortunately for them) looking more and more like it will be needed. *sigh* We just have to make it three more years (well, after this one).

I hope it's a wonderful and relaxing weekend for all of you -- any plans?