April 22nd, 2013


Weekend Roundup...

...DH went to Moab this weekend to bike. He left early Saturday morning and will get back tonight.

...we had piano lessons on Saturday, and then we got a surprise invitation (for the kiddos) to spend the evening and night with DH's aunt. That gave me the night and Sunday morning alone -- woot!

...I watched a couple of movies (neither was very good) and read -- and stayed up way too late. I kind of slept in (though I didn't get enough sleep, sigh), and then I cleaned. Yep, exciting times.

...since DH was gone, the defense of D's flag football team fell to me -- and man, that was frustrating. The coach divided the team into two squads, and they're very unbalanced. Plus, one of our strongest players was sick yesterday, so it was a tough game. I had the weaker squad, and they simply could NOT stop the other team. At least our offense scored twice -- and because we got a six-man advantage (mercy rule because we were so far behind), the offensive players who joined the defensive squad helped a lot (one safety and one interception -- both offensive players).

...which led to a restructuring of the squads. I basically cornered the coach after the game and laid down the law (ha). I listed the six players who were consistently good, and we've split them into two squads of three. The other five are okay (though one is not good -- he'll be our floater, though we have to make sure he plays). We're hoping this will at least help us hold our own against these other teams. I will say, we're the only 11-14 age team who doesn't have a giant on the team. That doesn't help! I called DH and told him he wasn't allowed to miss anymore games ;)

...TAR was on last night, and I liked it, though it seemed a little anti-climatic. Last week's was just so good, I guess :)

Today is crazy day, and I'm procrastinating, which is kind of how my mind works when I'm overloaded like this. I have short bursts of time to work, but instead of working, I fiddle around with FB or blogging...*sigh*. During my next short burst, I will *have* to work!

Hope your Monday is a good one! :)