May 6th, 2013


Weekend Roundup...

...we had a fun time Friday night hanging out with the kiddos' Auntie. We played 7 Wonders, which is a fun game (the box says 13+, but to D, that just means it's better). And we watched Continental Drift (from the library). I think it was a nice 'second' b-day for D (since his auntie couldn't make it the week before).

...Saturday was a busy day. We had piano lessons, and then we went to B&N to get gift cards for their teachers (teacher appreciation week). D got a gift card for his b-day too, so he picked up the next Fablehaven book -- and E got a Cupcake Diary book. I controlled myself and didn't get any books (okay, so the book I most wanted wasn't in...but I didn't order it, so that's control, right?). It was also neighborhood garage sale day, so we drove around. Didn't see much (and certainly not what I wanted -- a coat rack), but I did snag a piece of luggage and a small file cabinet (for DH -- turns out, he doesn't like it, sigh).

...yesterday, we cleaned (oh, joy) and then had flag football. E was excited because her auntie took her golfing during the practice and part of the game. D's team lost. Again. *sigh* But if D hadn't made an interception as the last play of the game, I think he would've been fine. As it was, he was so upset with himself...and it took us a while to talk him off the ledge. The thing is, he would be like that on a winning team too, if he's the one who makes the mistake (as we've witnessed with b-ball). It was a good reminder to me that he's still struggling with these issues -- and even though they seem to retreat now and then, the war has not been won (and may never be won, in that sense).

...but then, DH took the kiddos to a restaurant I don't like (with a Groupon), and I got some peace and quiet. That was lovely -- and followed up by TAR finale, which was good. I won't spoil it for anyone who's planning to watch later, but I was quite satisfied with the results. :)

Only two more school Mondays! Have a good one. :)