May 10th, 2013


Four on Friday...

1. May is such an interesting contradiction. On the one hand, it's the doorway to summer, so I'm always anticipating what's coming soon throughout the month. On the other end, it's the end of the school year, and that means crazy-busy, both at school and with work. This year, with the trees still budding rather than all leafed out makes everything even more surreal...time for some moment-by-moment breathing and living, I think.

2. I will say I had so much fun at the Scholastic sale yesterday. It reminded me a bit of ALA, where everyone lines up outside the doorway and waits with bated breath. :) Inside, it was almost chilly and although somewhat organized, I still had to look at each aisle. I only had an hour (less than, actually, since they were late opening the door), and I was feeling the pressure of finding what I wanted. Still, I ended up with 15 books for only $42 -- nice! Each of the kiddos got three books of their own and a cool US atlas to share. I got their teachers two books each for the end of the year; I got a book for a friend and one for my mom; and I got two books for me (I've already read them, but I wanted to own both). So yes, it was a successful 55 minutes!

3. Speaking of reading, I'm currently reading an ARC I got from the publisher (I sign up whenever I see giveaways in PW) -- and I'm really enjoying it! I also got an e-galley I've been wanting from Netgalley...good reading times. :)

4. DH is majorly stressed. Part of it is his own doing -- he wants to do a mountain biking trip, so he's having to finish the same amount of work in a shorter time period. Still, he's been ridiculously busy with work lately, and it's definitely affecting him. :( I feel for him, but there's not a lot I can do. He's operating at the busy-ness level I see during first draft week...the difference being that I usually have another fifteen things to handle on top of work, heh. But I know that, generally speaking, men and women handle work differently, and most men are single-focus folks. Most women, however, can multi-task. Of course, my ability to multi-task effectively depends on my own tiredness factor. Anyway, I'm hoping he's successful in finishing in time to take his trip.

Hope it's a good Friday and a lovely weekend for you!