May 23rd, 2013

d parrot

Babbling about break...

It's a misty, quiet morning (isn't that a song?), and I finished up all my school responsibilities (until the last day, which is one week from today) yesterday. I'm not sure what to do with my time now (ha). I have a list of organizational things which need to be done around the house (a loooong list). The kiddos and I talked about our plans for the summer (the 'schedule' we'll follow), and they're kind of excited, I think. Of course, part of the excitement is simply being on break -- yay!

During the week, I try to follow a similar schedule to the kiddos'. Since I'm having them spend time in reading/writing/math and music, I'll do the same. Maybe I'll actually learn something about the guitar this summer (or maybe I'll just play around on the piano, like I did last summer). I'll definitely use the reading/math/writing time to both read and write (well, let's hope). We'll also be outside for part of each day, playing tennis or basketball or going on a hike. Just like a school day, we stop around 3-ish, and they get 'free' time. ;) It worked pretty well last year, so I'm excited to spend time with them again.

We don't have any weekend plans (yet), though we are heading to Glenwood Springs to visit some caves (E is very excited -- her 'passion' project was on caves) and take a cool hike near there.

So, for any of you who also have charge of kiddos during the summer break, what types of things do you do to keep everyone busy and relatively happy? :)