May 31st, 2013


Four on Friday...

1. This is our first 'official' day of summer break -- yay! We slept in (well, DH and I did), and although the wind is blowing like crazy, I think it's supposed to be warm (although not hot, thankfully) today. We have 11 weeks off, which doesn't ever seem long enough, but the peace of not having to get up early is already sinking in.

2. One of my favorite parts of the end of the year is thanking the kiddos' teachers (well, assuming they did a good job -- that's only not been the case once, for E's first grade). Yesterday, I gave cards (and books, of course) to the two teachers, and I got to let them know verbally how much we appreciate them, as well. :) E's teacher (whom D also had for 3rd grade) is such a kind, generous, relaxed woman. She's pregnant with her second child, so she's taking the next year off. I have my doubts that she'll return, but she claims she will (hesitantly, heh). D's teacher, of course, had such a rough year -- but 75% of the class calls him their 'favorite teacher ever.' He's truly got a gift when it comes to engaging students in discussion and teaching them the variety of opinions and ideas in the world. I'm so glad E will get him in 5th grade, as well. Good teachers make such a difference! (And when they're good, as we've been mostly fortunate to have, it makes me relieved that I don't need to homeschool -- the kiddos gain a great deal when they can experience different personalities other than just their mom...which is why we'll hope that this continues for their entire school career.)

3. Today, we're cleaning. Not the kiddos first choice for the first day of break, but we put some stuff off last weekend, and now the basic cleaning desperately needs to be done. It amazes me how often we clean and yet how cluttered our house is. *sigh* I don't think any of us are capable of keeping things in their spots...

4. Tomorrow is the kiddos' piano recital. D is playing a piece with my dad (he'll be on clarinet) and two pieces on his own. E had the option of playing with 'boppa,' but she prefers the less pressured setting of playing alone. ;) My brother doesn't charge us for the lessons, so we get him gift cards twice a year -- even though our gifts never make up the money he could make if he had paying students in our place. Still, hopefully it shows him how much we appreciate his work! (I contemplated giving him the same amount we would pay, but my brother is...proud? and makes it very clear that family shouldn't be charged by family. *shrugs*)

Have a great last day of May -- any plans for June?