July 15th, 2013


Weekend Roundup...

...we've had a pretty laid-back weekend. Friday night, DH took the kiddos to Splash, a local water park. They had fun, but it started raining about 70 minutes into it, so they came home.

...Saturday morning, D had a football scrimmage. It was his first chance to meet his teammates and coaches. I think he enjoyed it, but he also said it was a lot of work. After that, he wasn't in the mood to do much other than veg...though DH took him to find some pads in the late afternoon.

...and while they were out, the rain began. We've had some kind of rain this weekend. It poured for hours Saturday evening and night. Two of D's friends are having issues with flooding (one lives in a flood zone, and the water is encroaching on their living areas in their home; the other has gardens, and the gardens have all flooded). We don't have those kinds of issues, but the rain has definitely interfered with the house painting. It's caused some pretty serious problems in all the burned areas around the Front Range too. *sigh* We need the moisture, but it would be nice if it spread out a bit rather than coming in this huge deluge.

...yesterday, it was cloudy and threatening much of the day, but it didn't start raining until last night. However, it rained quite a bit during the night. Still, we had a nice day. My friend L came over (the kiddos' auntie), and they went to play indoor putt-putt. Then E and L went to see Despicable Me 2, and D and I saw White House Down. D loved it, and although there was a fair amount of violence (though almost no real gore), he seemed to take it kind of like I do (ie, able to ignore it).

...today is cleaning day (woot -ha). Although we woke to steady rain, it looks to be clearing some now, and the sun is peeking through. We need to dry out a bit, though more rain is expected Weds.

Hope your weekend was a good one -- here's to another week! :)