July 31st, 2013



Oi! Yesterday was crazy busy, and I have a bit of 'busy' hangover today ;) Plus, I have a tension headache (blah).

So I went to yoga yesterday morning, and so did DH -- yay! It was a good class, but she had us doing some twisting which really strained my shoulders (I have incredibly weak shoulders, imo). Then I played basketball with D and soccer with E (and it was rather muggy out -- again), which tired me out a bit. In between yoga and the outdoor activities, I spent close two hours responding to e-mails and drafting parent information letters for school...*sigh*. I can't believe it's coming up so quickly. I have a couple of roles as a parent volunteer -- I'm the Volunteer Coordinator and the Directory Chair. But being the Volunteer Coordinator means that I have to deal with all the parents volunteers (and their training, etc), and that's always time-intensive at the beginning of the year.

After all that fun, I had papers to mark...and then D had a birthday party wrapped around football camp. We snarfed down some dinner, went to the b-day party for 30 minutes, flew to football camp (which started on the field, got lightning-ed into the gym, then returned to the field), and then drove ~30 miles to the rest of the party (which had moved to a mini-golf course). Whew! We got home around 9:45, at which time D had to feed the neighbor's cat, shower, and finally go to bed...so yeah, busy and exhausting day.

Today, we're waiting for the garage repairman to finish fixing our garage doors (yay!) Then we have errands to run, and I also want to go on our weekly hike -- our last one for the summer :(. Next Weds, I'll be at school all morning helping with registration (Monday too, sigh). Then the Scholastic Fair is having their warehouse sale, and I'm so going to that (hehe). So we won't be hiking, which seems sad...

Tomorrow, we're going canoeing with my mom. Friday, we're going to Garden of the Gods with my dear friend L and her daughter. The week before school starts, the kiddos are going to Grand Lake again for a couple of days, though D's bummed because it means he'll miss football practice, which starts that week. Yeah, the busy-ness has already begun taking over.

This entire summer has flown by -- but I'm glad we've made some amazing memories in the midst of the whirlwind. What memories have you made this summer?