August 12th, 2013

d field day

Weekend Roundup...

...our weekend was nice. We spent Friday trail running (chasing D, is more like it), and then the kiddos went to see Planes with their auntie.

...on Saturday, we went to my mom's studio's yard sale briefly before stopping at Sonic (a reward for help the kiddos gave me with school stuff). While on the road, I got a call from a friend in town for the day (who had e-mailed me earlier last week) saying they were waiting for us at the park -- oops! Thankfully, she was able to hang out a bit longer, and we spent the rest of the afternoon with the family (they used to live across the street, and I do love Y!).

...yesterday, we had brunch at my parents' again. They're leaving for CA (my mom's 50th hs reunion!) in a few days, and this may be our last brunch until the end of September (because of conflicts with us and my brother). The kiddos had fun, I think, and it's always nice to hang out with my parents and brother. I did have the thought about how much things have changed since we used to sit at that same table 35 years ago ;) I like being an adult :)

...this morning, I hit the trail for a quick hike/run, then went to school to talk to the teachers briefly. It's our last cleaning day of the summer -- for the school year, we switch to Saturdays, and it's a much quicker cleaning. The kiddos leave tomorrow morning for Grand Lake -- so we get a short vacay before school starts :D

Happy Monday!