October 10th, 2013

d bow

Back in the classroom...

It's funny how you (or I) forget what it's like to be in the classroom. Although I still teach, doing so through the computer is pretty different. I had the chance to teach all three 6th grade classes today -- all on writing.

I was excited and maybe a little nervous. Really, though, I had nothing to be nervous about. The first session went very smoothly. The kiddos were attentive and participated nicely. Then I had a break. I was still excited and energetic.

The second session was D's class -- so that was especially fun. The time flew by, and they were all very engaged and asked many intelligent questions.

Then I had no break and had to go straight into the third class. The combination of my own waning enthusiasm (for the same lecture), tiredness, and their approaching lunch hour made the third group the toughest. Plus, there are a number of energetic (restless) boys in that group. They weren't great listeners, they had no interest in the subject, and although they kind of participated, it was like pulling teeth. We finished 15 minutes early, and I had to think of something else for them to do (which was only moderately successful). Phew!

That last group reminded me why I'm glad to only enter the classroom once in a while. ;) I definitely loved the first two...but I have so much respect for the teacher of the last group (it's a male, fortunately, and he's very good at dealing with that high-energy challenge).

It would be fun to do something like this again -- but I'll need a little time to recover (ha). I'm glad that I normally just do online teaching...my energy is shot this afternoon, and I can't imagine having to come home from this every day and still be a good mom to my kiddos.