November 8th, 2013


Four on Friday...

1. So the book fair has arrived (a week earlier than usual). I spent the morning helping students with their wish lists -- which mostly means I helped them add their totals ;) Still, I just love the atmosphere of the book fair (so much that I'm going back on Monday).

2. D has spent the week with both basketball and football...and it's exhausting (and I'm not doing anything other than driving). He's definitely tired, and I can tell it's wearing on him. Plus, he has a cold (or maybe just allergies + exhaustion?), and that's stressing him out because he wants to be 100% for the play-off game tomorrow. I confessed to his bball coach this morning that D kind of hopes they lose -- not really, of course, but if they do lose, part of him will be relieved. It's really tough how they schedule these two sports' seasons to overlap like this (and it affects about seven players on his football team).

3. I'm actually hoping D's team wins tomorrow -- they've never made it past the first play-off game (this will be their 3rd appearance in the play-offs), and the team is pretty strong. If they all show up tomorrow (mentally), they'll win easily -- but that's the trick, no? If they win tomorrow, I'm fine with them losing after that ;)

4. I'm now helping with D's math class too -- which means I spend (an average of) four hours helping at school -- and only 45 min of that is with E's class. That's been the trend,'s not that E's class doesn't need the help, but rather than the needs in D's class are so much more diverse. D's math teacher has determined there are *7* levels of math in the one class. That's pretty extreme, and simply to meet with all of them takes more time than she has (in math, definitely). Added to that the needs of the 6th grade in writing, and you have a challenge.

Happy Friday -- any weekend plans? :)