November 15th, 2013

d parrot

Four on Friday...

1. Today is my first day off from school stuff since the 4th...I'm going to try and take advantage of it!

2. I'm rather frustrated about the Common Core stuff right now. Our local schools (middle and high) are making changes in the math classes they offer to align themselves with the upcoming PARCC testing (which won't begin until spring of the 2014-2015 school year). I get that, but I'm not sure how eliminating remedial math classes will suddenly put all students at the higher ability level. Seems to me that if they eliminate those classes, they're simply setting themselves up to have a huge number of failing students in math. Starting next fall, the local middle schools will no longer be offering 7th grade math (or pre pre-Algebra). Instead, all incoming 7th graders will need to be ready for pre-Algebra -- and someone explain to me how that magic is going to happen!?! Currently, GT 6th graders are doing 7th grade math, but the rest of the 6th grade population is not. So how on earth will those kiddos suddenly gain an entire year of math? I think it's ludicrous, and I worry about all those kiddos who struggle already and will now have this increased pressure (and rotten grades). :( (And of course, it's also a problem for those kiddos who are ahead, as our 'neighborhood' middle school also doesn't offer Geometry...*sigh*)

3. We're having E's b-day party this weekend. She's fairly excited (read: ecstatic). :) My mom is our 'guest performer' and is leading the girls through a couple of art projects (which E picked out). DH will be at the Broncos game (in the snow, perhaps), and D will be watching the game (maybe downstairs to keep from bothering the girls or vice versa). It should be a fun time (I hope). :)

4. We're also getting together with our camping friends tomorrow night. We haven't spent time with them in quite a while (alone, that is), so it should be good. It's nice having a weekend with no football, I must say. (D said the same thing this morning -- he's ready for a less hectic life, and thankfully, bball isn't nearly as schedule-tight.)

Any big plans for you, as we're now halfway through November (can that even be possible??)?