December 9th, 2013


Weekend Roundup...'s still ridiculously cold here. They say, however, that we'll actually get above freezing by the end of the week -- yay!

...D had a test Saturday morning and a game Saturday evening. He said the test was hard, and he wasn't happy with his performance in the game (despite their win and making two baskets). So then I checked the barometer and saw that it had fallen pretty steeply between Friday and Saturday...*sigh*.

...yesterday was better. :) We had a birthday brunch with my MIL (she's staying elsewhere), then DH went to the cooooold Broncos game -- but since they won, I'm thinking it was survivable. Everyone was very relieved (I guess Peyton Manning has a reputation of struggling in cold weather). And the kicker got an NFL record field goal -- nice!

...I worked on my project and discovered that I'm way more of a perfectionist than I thought. However, I still hope to get this thing out by Wednesday (my new goal). You'll definitely know when I do. ;)

...I crocheted while watching the TAR finale last night -- fun times. I won't give anything away, but I will say that Marie grew on me. At least she didn't pretend to be something she's not. Plus, she's tough. The doctor (female) annoyed me to the nth degree by the end, and her husband wasn't much better (you gotta wonder about that marriage, no?). I also didn't like how everyone treated the 'Afghanimals' -- they never bothered me like they seemed to bother others. Now we get to wait until February for the next round. ;)

...'The Sing-Off' starts again tonight! *is very excited* I'm not a fan of most of the singing shows, but this one is sooooo good! The people competing are actual musicians rather than just folks who like to yell into a mike.

Stay warm today! Any fun things on the horizon?