December 20th, 2013

pine snow

Four on Friday...

1. Today is the last day of school for 2013 -- yay! I can't wait to get some sleep...:)

2. It's been balmy all week -- until last night. This morning, we woke to frost and coooold:




3. My dad's birthday is on Christmas Day (he'll be 71), and we're getting together with him and my mom (and my brother's family) tomorrow night to celebrate. Their favorite Mexican restaurant is closing (sigh), and tomorrow night is their last weekend -- so we're going there, and then we'll walk downtown and look at the colorful lights. It's been something of a tradition, and it's nice to have that time with my dad as the 'focus.'

4. My printer died this week...thankfully, we have a spare (one which came with another computer) -- I don't know how good it is, but it's going to have to do for the last bit of the calendars I'm printing (I have December and 1/3 of November to print). Fun times. :)

What are you doing for Solstice, Yule, or any other holidays falling during the end of 2013?