January 17th, 2014


Four on Friday...

!. It's been a busy week at school (probably setting the tone for the rest of the school year, sigh) -- math on Tues, writing on Weds (E's class), writing yesterday (D's grade -- so three classes), and PIE meeting this morning.

2. There was a blow-up between a couple of moms and a parent volunteer about the science fair. One of the moms sent off an incredibly rude and disrespectful e-mail to the volunteer...amazes me how entitled some people behave.

3. I'm getting to enjoy lunch with my bff L today -- yay!

4. Three-day weekend...I can already taste the sleep (and since I got ~4 hours last night, it's tasting awfully good). Of course, Sunday is the big game.

What are your 3-day weekend plans?