January 27th, 2014

pine snow

Weekend Roundup...

...well, busy day (clearly, since I'm not posting until now). I spent the day with my mom, and we had a great time, even though...

...winter returned today, and the roads got worse as the day went on. It stayed in the teens all day, as well.

...Friday night, I went to a sales pitch (I didn't realize that's what I was doing, heh) at a friend's house. My friend is a lovely person, and she was simply hosting -- and she made all her treats gluten free knowing that I (and one other GF type) would be coming. I didn't sign up for the products, but it was a nice time.

...Saturday was D's bff's b-day. (That's where we were Friday night too.) D spent four hours playing outside with his friends (it was 65 degrees on Saturday, the 4th year in a row that D's friend has had such perfect weather for his b-day -- D, otoh, rarely has good weather, even though his b-day is at the end of April). Then...

...our friends invited all of us parents over for a grill-out, and we had a really fun time. :) DH and one of the other dads weren't feeling great and stayed home, but the rest of us enjoyed a nice evening of laughing, chatting, eating...and watching the boys have a great time. (Siblings were also invited -- the other 3 boys all have brothers -- two younger and one older -- but they were good to E, as well.)

...yesterday was tax day (blech). Every year, I get all our tax stuff organized and then DH takes it to our accountant. It only took 3.5 hours yesterday (I suppose that's an *only*). I also had laundry to do...so it wasn't the most relaxing day. But the evening was nice.

Last week of January -- any good plans for it? :)