March 7th, 2014

pine snow

Four on Friday...

1. It's raining, it's snowing -- it's wet. 'nuff said

2. I went in to help with writing today and ended up working with math review, instead. It was scary, though, to see a couple of the students missing every single problem -- mostly because they didn't read the question thoroughly enough. :( I feel for D's teacher. It's so hard to help kids learn when they struggle to meet you even partway.

3. Busy day tomorrow -- and hopefully, I'll remember everything we need to do this afternoon to prepare. *sigh*

4. I think everyone should get a gift of one free day -- one day where all their responsibilities will somehow be met by someone else, and each person can just be for 24 hours. That's actually a scary thought -- too much like thinking about how you'd spend Lotto money if you becomes addictive. :)

Any fun plans for your weekend?