March 21st, 2014

e looking into distance

Five on Friday...

1. It's been something of a sleep drought this week, so I'm running on fumes today. Fun times.

2. I'm so tired of school stuff too -- thank goodness spring break starts tomorrow! :)

3. We have a busy weekend planned, but it should be enjoyable. I'm assuming that once I get tired enough, I'll crash and sleep...right? :)

4. We only have a couple things set for next week -- skiing for D, perhaps snowshoeing for moi, and Divergent with friends. My mom has a painting in a show, and I'm going to go down and see that, as well.

5. For their 6th grade 'continuation,' all the students are supposed to give a 10-second video clip of what elementary school has meant to them. D and his four closest friends are doing a montage of their developing friendship. It should be pretty cute -- though quick!

Any plans for this last full week of March? (Honestly, where did it go? As always, February seemed twice as long...)