April 18th, 2014


Five on Friday (the tulip version)...

For boreal_owl :)

Amazing spring weather right now -- we just hope it lasts through next Saturday (D's b-day celebration with his friends)!

I don't know how I always manage to forget the school crazy-ness for the last 5-6 weeks of school...but it's here, and it's stressing us all out! :( We have choir concerts, school programs, talent shows, 5-K run, parties, continuation -- good grief! We won't so much rejoice when June comes but collapse in piles of exhausted goo, I fear...

I still have about five days of spring break left (I have to work Saturday, sadly) -- and I plan to use them well! I'm hiking with friends on Monday, and I'm going to spend some hours today writing (yay)...plus tons of family on Easter Sunday (of course).

How about them Avs? (DH and I went to the big Avs' parade the last time they won the Cup...13 years ago?)

plant (Um, I'm aware these aren't tulips, but there are five of them :D)
I'm thinking of inviting all D's friends' families over after the b-day celebration...I'm soooo not a social person, but this is their last year of all being together, and it feels momentous. I can handle it, right?

Happy Easter weekend!