May 16th, 2014

ellie bike

Four on Friday...

1. The school held their Volunteer Appreciation Tea this morning. The highlight was hearing E and her choir sing (E had a solo) :)

2. One of my bffs has a b-day coming up, and as she's the kiddos' auntie, we're celebrating tonight. The kids are making cupcakes (from scratch), and I think we'll enjoy some burritos (well, they will -- no tortillas for moi!).

3. Last night was an icky night -- so I'm tired and mushy today (my brain, at least). Good thing it's the weekend, no?

4. I let my library overdue fines accumulate until I hit $10 before I pay them off...and guess where we are? $9.20 -- yeesh. But then, just think -- I got hundreds of books for that almost-$10 :D

Fun weekend plans?