May 24th, 2014

e on ground

Some on Saturday...

1. Yesterday was busy, and I never had the chance (or the energy) to we'll try now. Why was it busy? I spent the day with D and his friends at Elitch Gardens, our local amusement park.

(The only picture of all five of them -- though they're hard to see, ha)

2. I got home and took the boys to our park for their class 'good-bye' party -- to which only a couple of other boys even showed up. *sigh* I was done with people by that time, so I just left them there...

3. The kiddos' auntie took them to see Rio 2, which both agreed wasn't as good as the first. (I stayed home and vegged...meaning, I stared blankly at the TV while trying to read.)

4. Things are not improving at the kiddos' school (discipline-wise), and I'm discouraged and disheartened. :(

5. However, it's almost summer break, and that is definitely cause for celebration! The sleep alone is enough to make me smile :D

What are your Memorial Day weekend plans? (You might guess mine -- reading and sleeping, ha!)