October 17th, 2014

aspen leaves

Four on Friday...

1. I've read four books but haven't had a chance to report on them yet. One more thing for my to-do list...

2. This week has held a dearth of sleep. *sigh* I'd love to catch up this weekend, but D's football game is at 9 am tomorrow morning (with arrival time set for 8:15).

3. D got on the bball team he wanted (after some negotiations on the part of the coach) -- he's hoping to just have fun this year. His team (Division A) from the previous 4 years has pretty much disbanded; 4 went to the ultra-competitive division (Division A+, ha), 1 (D's bff) will be playing for his private school team, 1 dropped out altogether, and the remaining 3 were placed on a random team (with a coach who's only in his second year of coaching). That's where the negotiations came in -- D wanted to play on the same (Division B) team as many of his football teammates. So that coach (who used to help coach D's old team) had to trade a couple players to get D. But it's done, and now we have a hopefully fun season ahead of us. (That will begin in November -- if D's football team doesn't win the next 2 games, football will be done -- and we'll all have one week to recover before bball begins, ha.)

4. E is loading up on the arts -- she has choir every Tues and will be starting a sculpture class on Thursdays through December. She's also going to be doing some indoor rock climbing during weekends in November...you know, because we're apparently not busy enough (ha).

I can't believe that November begins 2 weeks from tomorrow...yeesh.