October 24th, 2014

catching leaves

Four on Friday...

1. Had a great day on Tuesday with my mom -- we spent a day together (my b-day present that we haven't had time for until now). Got a couple of nice pix, including this one:


2. Weds was a half day for both kiddos. D did some homework and then got to spend the rest of the afternoon with his bff (who had conferences at his school). E hit Jump Street for a bday party. Then DH took them out for pizza (while I stayed home and worked -- it was a win-win since I got so much done without the noise).

3. I started helping in math at E's school this week too. I love having the opportunity to go into the classroom (as much as I love not *having* to be there every day).

4. D's school has a dance tonight. D isn't going. I wrote a rather long piece on FB about how that makes me feel...short version, the teen (and pre-teen) years are tough on introverts. ;)

D's last regular season (and perhaps last period) game is tomorrow. I'm so hoping they win! What are your plans?