December 9th, 2014

d bow

Weekend Roundup... late, oops. Busy weekend, though I ended up not doing much (yay).

...Friday night (around 9:15), my SIL and her daughter (3 1/2) arrived. Until then, the four of us watched Hunger Games, now that E has finished the books, as well. (I *love* that both my kiddos are old enough for these books and movies now!)

...Saturday, my MIL arrived. Sadly, I got very little sleep (~3 hours), and I was exhausted and ache-y. So I stayed home while they all went to fetch great gramma (97 1/2) and traveled to the Museum of Nature and Science for a few hours. Then they picked up steak (grass fed) from a shop run by a friend of my SIL and came back here. The food was delicious, and they all played poker for dessert (ha) -- while E and I watched a silly Christmas movie.

...Sunday, I again got very little sleep (~4 hours), but I had to take the kiddos to my parents' for piano lessons with my brother (since we'd missed Saturday). Then D and DH went to the Bronco game (good thing they won, ha), while E and I vegged (well, she vegged and I worked -- which took a while, as my brain wasn't totally functioning). SIL left around the same time I did, so all was quiet again.

Thankfully, I got 8 hours Sunday night and almost that much again last night. I'm feeling human again (whew). :) D has a game tonight...