December 27th, 2014


Top Reads of 2014...

I read 111 books this year, and of those, 19 were five-star reads (meaning I loved it, read every word, and will read again -- in fact, some of them I've already read again). Here they are, listed in alphabetical order (by title):

allkindstieddown (Adult, GLBT Romance)

breatheannie (YA Contemporary)

cured (YA science fiction/dystopic)

gasp (YA suspense/thriller)

geteven (YA suspense)

graduationday (YA dystopic)

afterlight (YA science fiction/dystopic)

inthefire (Adult GLBT romance)

independentstudy (YA dystopic)

killerinstinct (YA mystery/thriller)

lostinthought (YA paranormal)

mortaldanger (YA paranormal)

sacrifice (YA paranormal)

secret (YA paranormal, GLBT)

secretsofneverwood (Adult GLBT romance)

splitsecond (YA paranormal)

savageferrell (MG contemporary/humor)

uninvited (YA science fiction)

when (YA paranormal suspense)

There you go -- hope you can find something you like amongst them ;) Till next year...