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Tolle Tuesday...

In fact, the more you make your thoughts (beliefs) into your identity, the more cut off you are from the spiritual dimension within yourself.

As someone who spent the first 23 years or so of life embedded in the traditional Christian church, I know why this quote jumped out at me -- I was surrounded by people doing this, and I also did it for many years. I wasn't just 'Robin', I was 'Robin, seriously spiritual girl with deep faith and convictions'. I couldn't see anything outside those convictions (as the practicing of doctrine was often called). Thankfully, my dad was never afraid to look outside the box -- and he introduced all of us to many ideas and speculations which were definitely not a part of the strict doctrine we learned at the church. When I first realized that perhaps those ideas and thoughts -- what I had called my 'faith' up to that point -- were simply speculations of their own based on speculations of others, it was a huge turning point (which began with some serious panic). I'd say, at the moment, I lost the self I thought I was...and it was scary!

But after a few days, when I woke up each morning with an initial sense of wellness only to be followed by panic and depression, I started to realize that the underlying truth of God's goodness and love remained. For me, that was enough. Since then, I wouldn't say I never make my beliefs who I am, but hopefully, most of the time, I'm able to experience life without boxing it up and making it fit my various ideas on spirituality. One thing the whole change in thinking has brought is a great peace -- not only about my own life's journey, but also about everyone else's.

So that's what this quote says to me -- what does it say to you?
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